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Misconception Issues of GST Compliant Software

GST compliant software has been deployed for many businesses since 2013 in order to prepare for the implementation of Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia.

It is the time to review the effectiveness and re-assess the concepts of GST compliant software.

This article highlights 10 common issues for GST compliant software. The following is the highlighted issues. Readers may download the full document in the attached PDF.

  1. Version Control and Process Logic
  2. Application of Tax Code and Update
  3. Vendor Controlled Release
  4. Automated GST Submission
  5. Business Impact on Software Update | Upgrade
  6. Change in Tax Laws
  7. Interpretation of GST Requirements
  8. Tax Mechanism and Accounting Mechanism
  9. Human Mistakes and Transaction Based
  10. Multi-national Operation


Download this file (Misconception Issues of GST Compliant Software.pdf)Misconception of GST Conpliant Software[Article]195 kB

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