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Bad Debt Relief


Please be informed that the amendment in DG's Decision wef 28/10/2015 Item 3 (iii) (b) mentioned that bad debt relief facility is applicable to GST Registrants only. Please read the article on Summary of Changes - DG's Decision Article above.

The latest DG amendment states that the GST registrant shall write to DG within 30 days from the expiry of 6 months period to claim bad debt relief at a later date. DG 1/2014

Have you prepared for the first bad debt relief? If you have outstanding debts as at Sept 30, 2015, you may need to write in to the DG within 5 days from the expiry of 6 months to claim bad debt relief at a later date. Otherwise, you will claim bad debt relief in October 2015.

Please click on the download at the bottom and read the article attached. It gives you the requirements about the conditions to claim bad debt relief. You can click on the link to GST System Changes in Facebook.





For those who are planning to claim bad debt relief, please understand the eligibility and requirements to claim. It is...

Posted by GST System Changes on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Download this file (Bad Debt Relief-14092015.pdf)Bad Debt Relief[14092015]240 kB

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