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Latest GST Guidelines Published by RMCD

Please click on the item to download the document from RMCD Official Portal on GST:
1. Agent [Nov 4, 2015]
2. Agricultural, Fishery and Livestock [Nov 3, 2015]
3. Auction Services [Nov 5, 2015]
4. Bereavement Care Services Industry [Nov 2, 2015]
5. Co-Operatives [Nov 11, 2015]
6. Government, Local Authority and Statutory Body [Nov 3, 2015]
7. Healthcare Industry [Nov 3, 2015]
8. Postal and Courier Service [Nov 3, 2015]
9. Pre-Tertiary Education [Nov 11, 2015]
10. Utilities Industries [Nov 11, 2015]
11. Webhosting [Nov 2, 2015]

Please read the guidelines if it is relevant to you.

*1 Kindly check to the type of services classified as standard rated supply by government, local authority and statutory body. It can affect your reimbursement and disbursement treatment.

*2 Kindly check on pre-tertiary education if you provide goods and services to school.

*3 For people who deal with web domain and e-commerce, please read webhosting guide too

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