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SWPC Latest Events

Tue Mar 09 @09:00 - 05:00PM
Webinar - Service Tax for Information Technology Industry
Thu Mar 18 @10:00 - 04:00PM
Webinar – Service Tax for Professional Service, Consulting and Management
Tue Mar 30 @09:00 - 05:00PM
Webinar: Sales Tax Mechanism, Exemption and Recovery of Sales Tax

About The Company

About SW Project Consulting Sdn Bhd

SW Project Consulting Sdn. Bhd. was established in May 11, 2012. SW Project Consulting Sdn Bhd is founded to provide training and consultation to the businesses and corporates. The company is providing a wide range of education services and project consultation to its valuable clients.

SW Project Consulting Sdn. Bhd is a HRDF Malaysia registered training provider. The training provider number is 4847.

As Malaysia implemented GST in April 2015, SW Project Consulting Sdn Bhd developed a series of education programs from the founder, Stanley Wong to address the current GST knowledge and subject matters. The education programs include GST Mechanism and System Changes, Governance, Review and Compliance for GST Malaysia.

In addition, the company provides idea generation, innovation and creativity education programs using mind mapping technique. The founder is an accredited ThinkBuzan’s Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping.

The company is also providing in-house SunSystems training upon request. Please send an email to the administrator of the company for the quotation on SunSystems training.


Our Mission

The company mission is to bring awareness to the businesses and corporates on the importance of up-to-date GST knowledge for compliance and GST audit purpose. The company wishes to create additional values on GST Malaysia and Finance IT for accounting and finance professionals in the business sector.

Our Vision

The vision of the company is to achieve successful market penetration in the training industry, particular to the corporate and business sectors. The company has a vision to bring more awareness on the importance of GST System Changes for Malaysian business professionals.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver and training on GST Malaysia
  • Research on GST System Changes
  • Project Consultation for GST Review and Compliance

GST System Changes