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Verification Process of GST Analytics

This verification process of GST Analytics is to assist you to verify the accuracy of GST data analytics between GST-03 submission and GST Audit File (GAF).

There are 8 steps in the verification process that you check to verify the accuracy of GST-03 vs GAF. The last step may evolve you from GST perspective to business perspective:-

  1. GST-03 Data Analytics
  2. GST Reasonable Check
  3. Excel Pivot Analysis
  4. GAF Structure Compliance and Analysis
  5. GAF Trend & Pattern
  6. GAF Spot check- Description Analysis
  7. GAF Pitfalls Discovery
  8. GAF Future Development
Verification model of GST Analytics Final
You can download the attached article for the detail description of Verfication Process of GST Analytics in the attached article.
Download this file (Article-Verification Process of GST Analytics-Final.pdf)Verification Process of GST Analytics[Document]509 kB

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