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Questions and Answers from training

Questions and Answers from training on Feb 26, 2016

The following are the summary of the questions and answers with the facts:

1. Reimbursement of expeses to overseas - Not subject to GST
2. Visa fee reimbursement to overseas - Not subject to GST
3. Provision of legal services to overseas is exportation of services
4. Goods purchased to fix fraud in production cannot recharge with relief supply. Goods used in consumption must recover as standard rated supply via reimbursement
5. Supply of furniture in staff hostel is standard rated supply and employer has to account for GST. Input tax credit can claim when incurred. Furniture for the use of staff family members is block.

Please download the document that states the facts to support the answer above.

Download this file (QA-Feb262016.pdf)Question & Answer - Feb 26, 2016[Q&A]941 kB

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