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Trainer's Profile (SunSystems and PMQA10)


Wong Kah Leong, Stanley (SunSystems and PMQA10)


SunSystems Experience

SunSystems V4/5/6 SunSystems Application Implementation SunSystems Application Training SunSystems Technical Training SunSystems ManagementSunSystems Advisory SunSystems Disaster Recovery


Stanley Wong provided training and consulting for SunSystems and PMQA10 more than 10 years since 2002. Stanley was formerly a project lead and senior consultant with Infor and its channel partners. Later, Stanley joined the corporate world and gained experience in Finance IT Management for SunSystems prior to starting his own businesses.

Professionally, Stanley is an experience SunSystems and PMQA10 trainers and has been regarded as the subject matter expert in the industries of hospitality and financial services.

Therefore, Stanley has worked as SunSystems ERP Project Manager to deliver the solution to many SunSystems sites as a training and services entrepreneur together with Infor since 2011. He set up SW Project Consulting Sdn Bhd in 2012.

Today, he trains a wide range of SunSystems and PMQA10 programs owing to his wide exposure to various industries such as hospitality and financial services. The training includes SunSystems version 4, 5 and 6. Stanley divides his training competency into SunSystems and PMQA10 Application, Technical and Management subjects. Stanley is passionate in transferring knowledge into ready-to-use skills to the users to master the subject matter topics in their daily working environment. Because of the dedication, he is well known for his highly-charged, energetic and power-packed training sessions.


His most popular courses are in the areas of

  • SunSystems Version 4/5/6
  • SunSystems Application Training
  • Vision 5/PMQA10 Application Training
  • SunSystems Technical Training
  • SunSystems Implementation
  • SunSystems Finance IT Management Training

At the same time, he is also providing SunSystems & PMQA10 Implementation services to the following areas: 

  1. Installation
  2. Implementation
  3. Advisory
  4. Finance IT Management

To date, Stanley has trained more than hundreds of SunSystems and PMQA10 users in the Asia Pacific region. He trains in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and The Philippines.

Stanley is an accredited license instructor working in the field of Project Management and Mind Mapping. He applies the concepts of project management and mind mapping to accelerate training efficiency in SunSystems and PMQA10. He also provides public and in-house training on project management and business mind mapping.

Stanley is a certified HRDF trainer. Academically, Stanley holds MSc in IT and ACCA. He is a chartered accountant registered with Malaysia Institute of Accountants. Being an accountant by training, Stanley understands better the emotional and job function connections for accounting work communication.

In conclusion, Stanley possesses approximately 19 years of working experience. The first six years spend in the accounting field and the next 10 years were dedicated consultant to provide SunSystems and PMQA10 services. The recent years are spending most of his time in providing professional training and project consulting and public training sessions. 

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